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Have something you need to get off your chest?

Pondering an idea that you’re nervous to present to anyone else?

Need a confessional but, you’re not religious?

Just need to vent so you don’t carry the stress around in your body?

Hit me up.

I offer an hour for you to confabulate free of judgement giving any advice I am able if desired.

No topic is off limits.

  • Sex(uality): BDSM, Kink, Anatomy, Health, Having “The Talk” with your kids

  • Spirituality

  • Relationships

  • Trauma

  • Self Acceptance

  • The “Friend Zone”

  • Party Planning

  • What outfit you should wear

  • What to get your partner as a gift

  • Why that one guy/girl at work is such a @#$%?!

No topic is too great or small, bring them all

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