I'm the Man

I'm the Man

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As our World shifts, the face of what a Man is and can be is changing. This change can be difficult for Men to figure how to navigate in a way that allows them to grow and expand while also maintaining their Masculinity so they feel like Manly Men.

In our time together, we will define what being a man means to you so we can clearly identify those values. From there we will address the areas that growth is necessary and create a plan of action and attack if necessary.

Whether you’re a Man trying to become a better partner, father, friend, or role model within your own community, you have what it takes to reach that point; it’s just buried under a bunch of outdated ideals and programming.

Let’s aerate that shit so you can grow more easily.

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These 90 sessions can be done online but, I think they are far more successful face to face.

Payment is expected in advance and I allow only one free reschedule without charging a reschedule fee of $50 billed to you.

The work we will do together can be quite intensive and confronting. I will assign aftercare homework after every session and follow up with you later in the week to see how you are doing. If you do the homework I give you, the integration of your healing/new tools will go much more smoothly than if you don’t. If you do the homework I give you, I guarantee you will have lasting results but the commitment you give is really up to you.

I can also create a package of sessions which will discounted if paid in full in advance or can be broken into payments if a full payment cannot be made.