Honor the Mother

Honor the Mother

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Mothering in today’s society can feel defeating at times. We tend to lose our identities and ourselves in our children. We focus on the voices of our own mothers or judging women within our social groups instead of our instincts which causes us to become unnecessarily hard on ourselves. It can be difficult to focus on our own desires and fulfillment due to the guilt we feel about not putting our children first always, which is more damaging than helpful.

In our time together, we will focus on reigniting your connection with yourself and creating a book of values that you can refer back to in those moments when you feel overwhelmed or scrambled or feeling external pressure so that you are better able to refocus on the things that matter most to you and your family. We will work on prioritizing your self care while also working within the bounds of the real life needs of the home. Let’s create balance and harmony within as both an individual and a mom.

Sessions are 60 minutes

Your children can be present, I will bring things to help keep them occupied (I know finding a sitter when you’re the primary caretaker is difficult)

I do work on a sliding scale for this session because I want all mothers to be able to benefit from it

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