Session Info

Tantra, as with many words in my opinion, gets over simplified in our Western culture.

We hear or see the word Tantra and we think 'sex' and then we don't bother to dive any deeper than that.

The word Tantra in Sanskrit means 'loom' and (as I was taught by my teacher) when it is further broken down; tan: to go, tra: within.

Despite your religious beliefs or lack thereof, whether it's meditation, prayer, hymnals, or just deep thought, you have the answers within you.

I just want to shine a light on them.

I want to stand next you while we face all your darkness.

I want to remind you of who you were before you were told who to BE. 

In the end, the words are unimportant because as Ram Dass said, "We're all just walking each other home."

***ALL sessions will begin and end with a Check In to drop in evaluate, and discuss any issues. Each session is unique due to intuitive approach, however all are based in a Tantric foundation. Each session is individualized, any discomforts are discussed, and your consent is highly honored. ALL first timers are graced with a 20 minute Consultation prior to their first session for a meet and greet to start on some comfortable footing; these are available by phone or via Skype. ***



Tantric Introduction: This includes a quick sampling of Tantra has to offer. I will give you a taste of Tantra is and how it can be a beneficial addition to your life. This session is good for anyone that is curious but, not necessarily sure about what Tantra 


Meditation Exploration: This session will explore the various ways to meditate (silent observance, breath, dance, Yogic, chanting, hula hooping, movement, orgasmic, etc.). Many people think of meditation in only one way which can limit their access to finding what specific method can help them tune in. 


Couples Reconnection: This in depth session is centered around helping you rekindle your sexual energy and focus on one another. It will require an open heart, open mind, and a desire to deepen the relationship you already have with one another.


Momma Meditation: This is a special session for mom's who are feeling overstressed and want some relaxation but, feel like they can never achieve that because they are busy with their children. As a mother of three, I understand and I don't want you to miss that opportunity so I offer this low cost session and the opportunity to bring your children with you. This may be a more movement based meditation as some children struggle to sit still (me too). However, when you leave you will feel relaxed and ready to conquer another day!


MediPainting: This very special offering* is for those who don't mind getting a little messy. We will focus on unlocking any Chakras that may be blocked by painting directly onto your body. I will happily take up to 7 photos for your personal use upon request (via iphone pics will be emailed or sent via text). It's important that you bring a change of clothes and I will have a shower available for your use if desired.  

*By request I have opened this to include a paperboard/canvas option for both the body painting (I paint directly on the canvas) and the after photo (I make a paint press from your body painting - think Rainbow Inkblot).

***IF you have a PAINT ALLERGY of any kind and you DONATE a sealed certified non-toxic hypoallergenic paint to my cabinet, I will gift you with your choice from a menu of ever changing offerings (Only available to local clients).***


Nature Walk (LOCAL ONLY):  

SOLO - Together we will focus on reconnecting you spiritually and energetically with the surrounding natural environment using various approaches.            

GROUP - These sessions will focus on reconnecting to another energetically and spiritually using fun exercises (hula hoops, scavenger hunts, sword fights, bubble play, tug of war, etc) in a natural environment. This is a great session for families as all ages are welcome.


Somatic Therapy: This session focuses on using bodywork to release traumas and emotional blocks that are being held within the body. These sessions are hands on and emotionally in depth (may require some aftercare). Each session will begin with a consultation to evaluate what will be the focus of that session. My goal is to have you leave feeling lighter, free, and more able to move through you life with excitement. These sessions are good for anyone feeling weighed down by emotional baggage or struggling with PTSD. Both 1 hour and 2 hour sessions available.


POLY SERVICES: I am available to mediate and guide you through any polyamorous issues including but, not limited to boundary setting, boundary breaking, relationship contracts, etc.  Sessions start at a base rate of $150 for 90 minutes and go up an additional $ and 30 minutes for each additional individual in the session. Limited to 3 hours; extra persons and time must be scheduled in advance.


CUDDLE SESSIONS: Affectionate touch is a greatly underserved need in our world right now. We have become so used to correlating touch with sex and only seeking it in that manner that we created a deficit of nurturing touch. Currently in our community there are people serving this need by providing both 1:1 Therapeutic Cuddling (like myself & others) and group Cuddle Events (those that serve within my Circle). Cuddling is a wonderful


TANTRIC GUIDANCE: I am currently focusing on guiding Men to reconnect with their Divine Masculine (inner sensual/sexuality) so that they not only become better Lovers to and for the Divine Feminine but better Lovers of Life and the World. Men have been forced to turn themselves off in order to not be perceived as weak when vulnerable or childish when overjoyed; they need to be gently guided back to vulnerability with reassurance of their strength and appreciation for their deepening and sharing.


SOUL SEX FOR WOMEN: Most females are completely disconnected from their sexuality and pleasure for one or more reasons: trauma (assault, rape, abusive relationship, unsafe powerplay), shame (religious, parental, public/peer), rejection, lack of knowledge and understanding, celibate choice, dissociation, low libido, no self care, and the list goes on. It's important that Women learn to create safe boundaries around sex so they can feel secure enough to unleash the Sex Goddess within.

When Women feel safe, come together to support one another, and are also supported by their Male counterparts, societies transition and blossom because they are given space to continue to grow spiritually, sexually, and intellectually.  This allows Women, the natural gatherers of information in our Modern Age (ask any wife), to become revered for their wisdom and intuition and to once again become the Orators and Guides of our history, traditions, and sexual rites of passage.