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How many times have you had to plan your OWN Valentine's day?

How many times have you had to plan you own date night in general?

When was the last ime you felt wooed or celebrated?

Are you feeling disillusioned by modern romance?

Do you feel abandoned by the Masculine?

Do you feel like being Feminine does more harm than good?

Do you feel disenchanted by your sexuality?

Are you feeling unheard, unseen, or wounded by #NotAllMen, mansplainers, or men in general?


If you answered 'Yes" to any of these questions, I invite you to join me on Saturday, February 11th, 2017 for a #NotMyValentinesDay event.

I want to free you from the behaviors and beliefs that don't serve you. I want to give you permission and tools to fill your own cup first. Women are trained and often lauded for giving endlessly to others first and expected to give to themselves with whatever might happen to be left over after that. It is a failing model and it's time we change it.

This event is in correlation and synchronicity with our current moon cycle. We will harness the very powerful energy of the Full Moon (northern hem) to shift those areas in your life [and by extension and rippling outward to the World] that need major changes . The Dark Moon is a banishing very powerful things, such as unwanted entities (#NotMyPresident), addictions (externalizing our happiness) or serious diseases (The Patriarchy). We will use majick and meditation to connect to the spirits of our ancient warriors and wise mothers before us who stood firmly against the patriarchy and those whose Souls were sacrificed so we could recover Our Birth Rights.   

We will discuss the myths and misunderstandings surrounding female sexuality and anatomy so that we are all starting with the same basic foundational knowledge which allows all to grow and evolve together. From there, I will lead you in a RECLAMATION RITUAL to that taps back into your internal power so you can be a well instead of a trickle. We will also create healthy sexual space within your body; you will learn how to seduce YOURSELF. Once you learn how to give your body the kind of touch that you have been desiring, then you will begin to recognize that you hold the key to your sexual power, you can turn it at any time, and it belongs to you.  

This is then a gift of knowledge that I encourage you to begin to pass down to our younger Sisters (and indeed our sons) so that they can live their lives with more sovereignty than we did our own. We each get to determine and be in control of our own happiness and sexual health and I look forward to helping you on that journey.



The ticket price includes: 

  • Access to the private Facebook group
  • Access to the event on 2/11/17
  • An invition to a bonus event on 1/28/17 (For Eager Beaver ticket holders that purchase by 1/27/17)
  • A follow up check in via skype/messenger for those that request & schedule it
  • Early invitation and access to a Secret Sisterhood currently building for connection later this year




What can I bring into the event?

Yourself, dressed in whatever makes you feel sexy as fuck! 

I will sharing inspiration in our Facebook group


How can I contact the organizer with any questions?


What's the refund policy?

No refunds are offered at this time



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