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Full Moon Monthly Live

Tonight, the moon will be at Full in the northern hemisphere.

Very much like the Dark Moon (New Moon), the Full Moon gives off and allows us to channel an immense amount of power. Remember, the moon is simply the sun's energy reflected, the light of the fire that burns away. A cold light, that burn so hot it turns everything to ash; the ignition point of the Phoenix cycle.

The maximum illumination serves to shine a light on things we are hiding from ourselves; even the deepest buried issues cannot be ignored when this moon comes calling. 

 It is a time to yield to its desire to ignite us; to start the fire that will burn away the things that we begin to realize no longer serve us (to later be integrated during the Dark Moon's ritual) allowing us to create space to build anew and to set stoke our passion so the can be full developed over the next month..

This morning, we will gather for a live chat on FB/RtR to discuss and celebrate some major triumphs over adversity that have occurred within the previous Lunar/Majickal month. It's important we take note of the worldwide social, environmental, and economic changes that are OUR victories. 

WE control the change in the world and here WE gather to acknowledge that.

Join me each month as we ritualize this time together and start to form a collective of high vibration beings that is inclusive of anyone willing to face their Darkness and add their own Light.




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