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Dark Moon Monthly - Live

Tonight, the Dark Moon (New Moon) makes its appearance in the skies of the Northern Hemisphere. 

The Darkness of the moon calls forth the destruction of the previous cycle, bringing it to a close and offering us shade for our introspection while we confront the darkest parts of ourselves and the negative ways we are impacting our own lives and society as a whole.

So too, it is a time of grieving and letting go; a time to darken our skin in the ash of the former world.

A time to allow the tears to flow forth like painful floods, cleansing our bodies and salting the earth so the soil is primed for new growth which comes with the impending expansion of the moon.

See Sisters?

All things are in perfect flow, we just have to tune into our intuition to be able to see that and harness our power in moments of crisis. 

On the morning of each Dark moon, we will gather for a live chat on FB/RtR to discuss and grieve together over some of the major traumas that are affecting us worldwide from the previous Lunar/Majickal month. We will then create 3 Intentional Acts of Kindness to perform as a collective to raise the vibrational energy of our planet.

[Don't scoff, it's science]

Join me each month as we ritualize this time together and start to form a collective of high vibration beings that is inclusive of anyone willing to face their darkness and add their own light.


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