Sacred Masculine: Understanding Your "Container"

As stated in my previous post, we have reached a point in our society when we absolutely NEED Men to step into their Sacred Masculine traits and abilities. In order to do that, Men must first understand the privileges, that the body or Container that they were born into, comes with. It can be difficult however, to understand privilege if you don't understand adversity; and that comes with expanding their knowledge around human needs, so let's begin there.

Allow me to introduce you gentlemen to, Mr. Abraham Maslow, a psychologist that studied the qualities of people that were "exemplary" or rather people that seemed to be functioning at a higher and happier level than most. He then took this research and created his "Hierarchy of Needs" which he included in his book, Motivation and Personality.

Take a look at the pyramid, we are going to take the layers of it apart so that we can create a checklist of understanding that will aid in understanding both the benefits that come from each need being met and the detriment that occurs when they are not.

At the base of the six layers or levels of the pyramid is Physiological, the physical needs our body requires to be our best self. The highlights of this layer are: breathing, food, water, sleep, homeostasis, excretion, & sex.