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My Policies

All payment for sessions is expected in advance via paypal or through the website. I only offer one reschedule without charge because ya know . . . Life. The second reschedule will be billed at 25% of the session’s full (not sale) cost. If there are 3 reschedules for a single session, I will cancel our contract.

Babysitting issues need never be a reason to reschedule our time together. If you can’t find a sitter please let me know and we will come up with a plan to continue our sessions. If you need to bring your children along, so be it. I have been a stay/work at home mom for years and I know the struggle of trying to improve yourself, make time for yourself, address issue within yourself, all while caring for your family. We will work together to make it work.

I assign aftercare homework after every single session. If you do the assigned homework, the integrating of the healing work we do together will be far more successful than if you don’t. I ask you to commit to your own development and the financial investment you make in yourself by doing all the things asked of you. If you are struggling, TELL ME. Some of us struggle doing written homework or completing things with a deadline until the last minute; again, TELL ME. I am hired to help you be successful in your growth; this is best accomplished with transparency and honesty.



Despite being in the public eye, I am actually quite private. I value my privacy AND yours greatly. While I am happy to say hello and greet you should we happen to bump into each other in public, I will not divulge the manner in which we work together unless you DO. I will simply say we are old friends and allow you to decide from there. I am certainly honored when my clients do decide to tell people how we are working together and love recommendations to others from current or past clients AND offer discounts on your own sessions any time your referral books and completes a session with me.

While not required to, I adhere to HIPPA rules because I think it’s a good practice. In addition, I also adhere to mandated reporting, if I feel you are a threat to yourself or others, I will contact emergency services and help you through that as much as I am able.



All meets will be in a public place until a rapport is established and at my discretion. Should you desire a private session, I may bring a security professional along with me for both my safety and yours.


Terms & Conditions

Prior to our first session, we will meet to go over the contract to ensure each party understand the commitment expected of each person and to secure payment. Any contract adjustments (number of sessions, discount, packaging of sessions, etc) will be discussed and made that day then a final contract copy will be emailed to you within 24 hours of that meeting.

I will make every attempt to help you change your life. That being said, it is UP TO YOU to make the changes in your life. I do not offer any refunds; my time has value just like yours.