I stand 

watching you 

through melting window panes 

an inside look 

into your life 

the tears 

on my face 

like liquid fire 

pooling in my scarf 

I wait for you 

to notice me 


only feet 

from touching you 

heat radiates 

to the ends of my hair 

I think about you 

grabbing me 

entering my Soul 

then leaving me cold 

I walk to your door 

deep breath 

I knock loudly 

and open my scars 

pain drips from them 

old pain 

new pain 

pain I’m going to unload 

when I step 

over your threshold 

all I’ve needed to say 

all I’ve wanted to do 

all I’ve kept quiet 

I am going to unleash 

the hurt inside me 

I am going to make 

you hurt 

and understand 

the love 

you left behind 

when you 

pushed me out 

when you 

walked away 

far away 

to a place  

I couldn’t touch 

you didn’t look back 

I will empty my soul 

upon your doorstep 

and leave you there 

to drown 

in my tears 

and yours

Roxy the RivetingComment