Ode For A Boy

My body is a temple

Going through transition

My Soul is preparing

For a real important mission

My muscles are all achy

My brain is a mess

I'm trying not to worry

Or cause myself to stress

There's days I can't eat

When all I do is sleep

I can't be my own caretaker

And that causes me to weep

I'm growing a human within me

Who demands as much as I can give

I'm fighting for a bit of peace

As I help this Soul to live

people try to care for me

But I don't make it easy

Accepting care from others

Makes me all the more queasy

I can't control my body temp

I switch from hot to cold

This is everything that I fear

About getting old

I try to find moments between the pain

To pause and take in the joy

And wish in a whisper beneath my breath

Please, make this one a boy.

Roxy the RivetingComment