In Anticipation Of You

Where are you

My raven haired beauty?

With skin that taste like honey

and melts like butter

I am intoxicated by

the scent of your flower

it makes me want to

plow your garden ; )

Even before you arrive

I can feel you in the wind

I don't want to anchor your Aura

I just want to taste your soul

I just want to read the Braille

on the inside of your thighs

I just want to tickle nerves

that used to be dormant

I just want to measure your inseam

with my tongue

I just want to leave



nail marks

on your gorgeous ass

as I make you sing.

Is that too much to ask?

No amount of #FindHer

will you bring you to my bed


Just the thought of you

brings me to my happy knees

Are you cumming?

Roxy the RivetingComment