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I believe our World is in the infancy of a great shift.

One that requires each of us to go through our own personal apocalypse; unveiling the truths we are hiding from ourselves.

This can be difficult to accomplish alone due to fear, lack of know how, the need for a mirror, or just desiring some support that is outside of your friends or family and not knowing where to find that.

We each play an integral role in the awakening of one another and in the rebalancing and restructuring of the next era.

It is imperative that we dive in deep and follow flicker to flame.

It's time to call in your catalyst.

I myself, use a approach rooted in Tantra.

Tantra, as with many words in my opinion, gets over simplified in our Western culture.

We hear or see the word Tantra and we think 'sex' and then we don't bother to dive any deeper than that.

The word Tantra in Sanskrit means 'loom' and when it is further broken down; tan: to go, tra: within.

Despite your religious beliefs or lack thereof, you have the answers within you.

I just want to shine a light on them.

I want to stand next to you while we face all your darkness.

Weaving each discovery into your life in a practical way that aids in it's integration.

I want to remind you of who you were before you were told who to BE.

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